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The Enterprise-level workplace has evolved at an unimaginable pace over the past few years, demanding communication solutions that support their need of flexibility, mobility and productivity to support their evolving operations. Our VoIP solution delivers a unified communications solution with advanced functionality and features for today and tomorrow’s business environment.

The Benefits of Our VoIP

Supports flexibility and scalability

Delivers business continuity and disaster recovery solutions


Simplifies communications management

Improves productivity for mobile workers

Reduces ongoing maintenance costs

Unites staff, regardless of their physical location

Productivity and Mobility Enhancements

Our VoIP solution enables features, functionality and enhanced applications that are not available with traditional solutions. These enhancements give businesses the ability to work seamlessly in and out of the office, resulting in more productivity. Employees, especially mobile workers, can customize these features depending on their daily activity.

Productivity Anywhere

Extends your personal features to any number of fixed and mobile devices. Productivity Anywhere allows users to manage one number for all incoming and outgoing calls, whether it be your desktop phone, mobile device or soft phone.

Virtual Receptionist

Automatically answers incoming calls and provides callers with options to reach the proper department or employee.

Advanced Call Routing

Enables businesses the flexibility to route calls according to your business needs, making sure the right staff representatives respond wherever they are.

Call Recording

Automatic recording of incoming and outgoing calls as needed to improve customer service, settle disputes, or provide PCI or HIPAA compliance.

Receptionist Console

Web-based attendant console designed for front-line operators and office receptionists to efficiently process inbound calls with ease.

Voicemail to Email

For a truly unified experience, employees manage their voice messages from their email, phone and mobile device. Easily listen to and forward any voice messages directly from your email.

Call Center

Using sophisticated routing policies, route callers to the right queue, with the right priority, then route them to the next available agent using skill-based routing, that benefit businesses of any size or need.

Fax Mail

Enables users to receive fax messages routed as email attachments, eliminating the need for a separate fax line.

VoIP Packages

Our VoIP solution offers three business lines, also referred to as licenses or seats. These lines meet the need of any employee from basic phone functionality up to enhanced unified communication features that support mobility demands.



  • Call Logs
  • Call Transfer
  • Three-way Call
  • Personal Web-Portal
  • Call Forward Features
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Simultaneous/Sequential Ring
  • Hoteling

Basic Line

$19.99/ monthly

Lobby / Conference

Standard Line

$29.99/ monthly

Office User

Premium Line

$34.99/ monthly

Mobile User / Executive

Trunking Solutions

PRI Trunks

Primary Rate Interface (PRI) – Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Lines are high-quality, all-digital communication services containing 23 channels for voice traffic, which allows for consolidation of all telephone lines into a more efficient solution.


  • Prioritize voice traffic with dedicated connection

  • Access up to 23 voice lines with single connectivity

  • Consolidate voice, data and video traffic

  • Reduce capital expenses by utilizing existing cabling and equipment

SIP Trunks

Comporium SIP Trunks are a cost-effective and future-proof alternative to your voice trunks/lines, giving your business more flexibility, business continuity, and a choice of hosted VoIP applications.


  • Reduce communication costs by consolidating voice, video and data traffic over a single network

  • Improve network efficiency by centrally managing and aggregating connectivity

  • Support disaster recovery and business continuity efforts with automatic re-routing for voice

  • Provide mobility solutions to improve productivity for your mobile workforce

Business Phone Services and Features

With our business phone service, your business can connect with customers, vendors and employees using a business line with enhanced calling features.

Business Line

We provide dependable basic phone service for businesses of any size. Traditional business lines allow you to handle your routine business calls with the high-quality service from a company you know and trust. In addition to the business line, we offer a full suite of features that enhance your daily business communications.

Rotary Line

Rotary lines allow your business to accept multiple calls at one time. After the first call is accepted, any additional call rolls to the next available line depending on the number of rotary lines your business subscribes to.

Phone Line Features

Call Forwarding

Call Waiting

Call Return / Repeat Dial

Caller ID

Three Way Call

Call Park

Last Number Redial

Call Trace

Call Hold / Transfer

And Much More...


Comporium Voice Mail answers calls when you are away from your phone or on another call. Additional notification options are also available, such as e-mail notifications of new voice mails and the option to have audio files of voice mails sent to an email account. Comporium voice mail customers have the ability to save, delete, or reply to messages during message review, configure voice mail settings via web portal, forward messages to other Comporium voice mail users, along with many others.

Long Distance

We have the expertise and technical knowledge to help your business stay connected with customers, employees and vendors. Choose from a variety of long distance packages for your business local, nationwide or international calling. Comporium also provides affordable toll-free service giving your customers the ability to conveniently connect with you.