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Ethernet Solutions

Our Multi-Megabit Ethernet Transmission Service (Metro Ethernet) is a high-speed (10 Mbps to 100 Gbps) packet based service that can provide the transmission of point-to-point LAN or WAN data between your business locations or provide dedicated bandwidth to the Internet. Comporium’s MPLS core network administers the best of IP routing for a redundant and secure way to transfer mission-critical data. Our Customer Network Operations Center offers technical support with proactive network monitoring of your Ethernet circuits to ensure maximum performance.

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Scalable capacities with bandwidth options from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps—allowing you to pay only for what you need


Our MPLS carrier-grade network is private and secure—offering you improved and solid network resiliency—Monitored SLA’s/Quality of Service demanded features


Dramatically improve daily business operations with fast, dedicated and symmetrical access speeds

Cost Effective

Tailored solutions to meet goals and budgets for businesses of all sizes


Our highly trained and experienced CNOC technicians work with you in a collaborative manner to maintain your Ethernet connectivity.


Piedmont Medical Center

"At a minimum we're using 10 meg per second"