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Hypersign is an innovative software company that consistently strives to develop cutting edge visual communication software solutions applicable to all markets. We realized the need for a quick and simple means of displaying digital content, which became HypersignTM digital signage software. HypersignTM + has since evolved into a solution that continually expands to solve other visual communication needs with a focus on ease of use and online management.



  • Digital signage with emergency alert
  • Extensions provide advanced features
  • All managed easily online


  • Online support center
  • Video tutorial library
  • Trained technicians


  • Beautiful layouts and animations
  • Custom interactive content
  • Designed for your brand

Hypersign + is a digital signage software solution for showcasing digital content that is intuitive and easy to use. HypersignTM + is 100% cloud-based which allows for effortless content updates from anywhere around the globe. Build content as easy as drag, drop, and publish.



  • Drag and drop interface for layouts
  • Integrative playlists you can timestamp
  • Apps for weather, live tv, social media, etc.


  • Upload media and manage assets
  • Set content and energy saving schedules
  • Enterprise media sharing across sites


  • Supports all major operating systems
  • Manages video walls to small room signs
  • Configure easily by our team or yours


  • Trigger alerts three different ways
  • Customize alert content and messaging
  • Responsive within seconds of trigger


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Waystation is a digital wayfinding extension for Hypersign + that helps visitors navigate any location with ease. Waystation provides more detail and is quicker to update than traditional printed maps. In addition, it enhances visitor experience by allowing them to interact with the information they care about most to find what they need fast.

Roomfusion is a digital room signage extension for Hypersign + that displays room schedule information right at the door. Roomfusion allows patrons to schedule a room online or at the door, making the most of your conferencing spaces. In addition, it can integrate with existing electronic door locking systems to only allow access to rooms at the appropriate times.

Huddleup is a collaboration extension for Hypersign + that allows users to turn any interactive digital signage display into a collaborative space; outfitted with the tools you need at the touch of a finger. Maximize your conference room displays by showing messaging when they are not in use and keep everyone safe by tying into your emergency alert network of displays.

Insights is a business intelligence extension for Hypersign + that allows users to create and customize data visualization dashboards, managing them online with ease. Analytics data is already readily available in most business systems and visualizing that data can motivate teams and aid in making well-informed, strategic decisions.