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Digital signage is an electronic display of advertisements, product information, menu boards, high-definition video, audio and text messages. In most cases, content is displayed on flat-panel LED, LCD or plasma monitors, using unique software to control the messaging. Normally you will find digital signage in retail, hospitality, transportation, healthcare and higher education environments, although its applications are virtually endless.

One of the most effective ways to engage with administrative staff, teachers and students can be with digital signage. Video, PowerPoint presentations and customized visuals allow school staff to create a more unique bulletin board that is informative and fun for teachers, students and guests.

All this content can be easily designed and published using our simple content manager. Hypersign Alert, one of our dropzone applications, can improve the safety of your students, faculty and administrative staff.

KidGopher, a secure child pick-up system that validates the identity and authorization of each guardian using electronic authentication technology and photo identification. KidGopher uses handheld mobile devices to confirm the appropriate guardian. This creative technology solution puts the minds of teachers and parents at ease, and children are safely on their way home.

Digital signage gives health providers the ability to welcome new patients and provide updates for current patients, while they sit and wait patiently in the lobby. Hypersign also improves patient management by creating a visual queue, nurses and doctors can quickly see where their patients are located, symptoms and pain levels.

With Hypersign, you can easily design and publish content as often as needed from your computer to your displays in the waiting room or other areas throughout your facility. Improve patient experience and create office efficiencies with interactive content, directories and signs.

Hypersign is a great communication tool with office staff, customers or both. Internal communication like corporate strategy, vision statement, sales numbers or conference room use are all examples of content that can be presented throughout the office using Hypersign’s digital signage solution.

Communicating to customers? Hypersign gives you the ability to easily promote new products, showcase social media feeds and engage customers with dynamic and visually interactive content.

Hypersign is a great communication tool for the Manufacturing sector. "Metrixx", our drop-zone application compiles and presents real-time data to the digital signage network. The application is automated and can integrate with your existing system reporting tools. Key performance indicators like process lead times, inventory turn-around times and control charts, can all be published to displays throughout your facility using Hypersign.